GIRLTALK Issue #2 Summer 2017

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“The Body Issue” is centering around the female body, articles feature personal stories about sexual assault and eating disorders, critical discussions about the future of pornography and consent, the glorification of Victoria’s Secret models, critiques of one size fits all policies, and more. Visual interpretations of the female body, ranging from paintings to mosaics, are displayed as well. As a warning, some articles in The Body Issue contain sensitive and potentially triggering material, which include sexual assault depictions and violence against women. As an organization who strives to tackle a wide range of gender topics, our second issue does not shy away from controversial, yet important discussions about female sexuality and gender. Lifting different voices, the GIRLTALK brings forward the diversity of female experiences around the globe. We hope that as readers, you will keep an open mind, and use GIRLTALK as a space to be educated, inspired, and challenged.

GIRLTALK Issue #1 Spring 2017

“WOMEN IN THE MEDIA: WHAT FEMINISM MEANS TO US”Screen Shot 2017-05-14 at 7.49.34 PM

“Women in the Media”, revolves around the relationship between women and media around the world. It explores the different portrayals of women in the media, and shines a light on issues such as colorism, media sexualization, and Hollywood sexism. A special interview features Kim Raver, actress Teddy on Grey’s Anatomy, who speaks about what it means to be a woman in Hollywood and advice for being creating a powerful generation of females. Multiple perspectives, with high school girls from Guatemala, China, and the US, are included in Women in the Media.